Taking a break to think at Christmas

Taking time to reflect

Hello wonderful people! I love to get up and sit by the window just watching the snow fall. I also have to contemplate my wardrobe for Second Life LOL and look at the Marketplace for shoes on sale :P. I hope everyone is doing wonderful and enjoying this life that we have been given. I love ya’ll and an sending big hugs!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!

CREDITS: Body – Maitreya Lara; Hair – Truth Daphne; Head – Catwa Catya; Shape and Skin is Sessions (Kim for shape); Pose – AE Portrait Gift Pose 2; Jeans – Blueberry Elias with exposed panties; Vest – Hilly Haalan – Gloria Vest

Christmas is the season for bikinis?

Merry Christmas Everyone
“Toes in the Water Ass in the Sand” Zac Brown Band

Merry Christmas everyone. I have been away working and doing family things so this is the first chance to post anything in a bit. I am going to have more time in the New Year (crosses fingers). I am making a resolution to get more writing done, spend more time with friends, and enjoy the moment, that stuff is easy right? Anyway, I put the Credits for the photo below. I am trying to take all my photos in world and only adjust lighting and what not there. The idea is that even if someone doesn’t have the photo software they can do great photos. I hope everyone is wonderful and I love ya. Kisses D.

Credits: Body – Maitreya Lara; Hair – Truth Daphne; Skin and Shape – Session; Head – Catwa Catya; Bikini– Blueberry Adrianna; Pose – NanikA – Sled Riding (Free Gift 😛 )

Delia and the Butterfly – A Cautionary Tale

Love the Black and White

So still in Eden and found this amazing spot with icebergs and butterflies!!!!! GLOWING BUTTERFLIES!!!!! I mean really???? I love Second Life so much!!! Anyway credits are below. Love ya’ll! Oh and there actually is no cautionary tale…I was using that to get your attention LOL.

CREDITS – Body – Maitreya

Head – CATWA- Catya

Hair – Truth – Daphne

Skin and Shape – Session – Kim

Dress and Jacket – Just Because – Christine

Bought a new Christmas Dress :)

I had a great time checking out new locations and posing in my new dress. I think green is my new favorite color. The credits are listed below. The top picture was taken at the new Frank’s Elite. I love the music there. The second was taken at a place I found by searching for “good photo spots” (I know right?) and it is called Eden. It has a ton of really cool spots to get your pose on :P. And I found Buddha there so that can’t be bad at all.

CreditsBody – Maitreya

Head – Catwa – Catya

Shape Body and Head– Session Kim; the skin is by Session too

Dress and Wrap – are by Just Because and they are the Christine Dress and Jacket 🙂 I love the clothes at Just Because and all of their dresses are amazing. The prices are super too. Anyway….enough gushing…

The Hair – Truth – Daphne (red of course silly)

Thanks for looking. More pics coming for sure. I have really enjoyed the picture taking more than I would have thought and it gives me a great reason to go exploring.

Delia on a lamp post LOL

Having attitude while hanging out at a lamp post is NOT easy.

CREDITSBody : Maitreya, Head : Catwa Catya, Panties : Maitreya Lara Mesh, Dress : baii maii 101 Cocktail time, Shoes : KC Gabriella Heels, Skin : Session for the body and head, (the head is Session Kim), Pose : Nanika Model Poses 4 (1), Lipstick : Pink Fuel Dazzle Me

I adjusted my windlight and the position of the sun this time and I like the shot a lot better. I also saved it using a lot higher res photo setting. I have been watching Anya Ohmai’s tutorials and they have helped a ton!! Here is the link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lNXyxMkhzo